Dysmorphic – An Illusive Progress (Review)

Dysmorphic - An Illusive ProgressDysmorphic are a death metal band from France and this is their second album.

Dysmorphic play a mix of technical and brutal death metal, meaning that they fuse straightforward extremity with wandering basslines and intricate guitar complexity that probably requires more fingers than the average human possesses.

An Illusive Progress comes across as a mix of bands like The Faceless, Beyond Creation, Gorod, Decrepit Birth, and Suffocation, and will surely please fans of those bands. With a 42-minute playing time it’s just the right length to drag you into its orbit, but without burning you up in its atmosphere.

The songs are spiky and gnarled, full of aggressive textures and extraterrestrial hooks to ensnare the listener. Although Dysmorphic’s music is primarily distinctly of the new-school, you can detect elements of classic death metal influences here and there in their songs. These parts usually don’t survive intact for very long before the band veer off on a tangent, but they’re present in one form or another, before becoming wildly mutated at least.

Amidst the chaos and intricate brutality the band use both keyboards and melody well to add layers of emotion to their music. The majority of the vocals consist of screams, growls, and roars. The singer has a good voice and range for this kind of work, and it’s a shame that he now seems to have left the band. The rest of the band are clearly very competent at what they do when it comes to their musicianship, but they don’t lack for skill in the songwriting department, either.

An Illusive Progress is a well-rounded and very satisfying death metal album. It has a lot to offer fans of technical extremity, and has enough meat on its bones to keep you coming back for more.

Highly recommended.

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