Ancst – Abolitionist (Review)

Ancst - AbolitionistsAncst are a blackened crust band from Germany and this is their latest EP.

I always enjoy catching up with Ancst. This prolific band seem to almost always have a new release coming out.

Rabid, bleakly melodic, and corrupted with grim intensity and spiky attitude, Ancst’s music is harsh and unforgiving in a very enjoyable way. The honest aggression of the music is bound and constrained by an ancient oath to the gods of melody and songwriting, making for a balanced assault of aural extremity that demonstrates how satisfyingly accomplished Ancst are.

Ancst’s blackened crust is emotive and violent, with a crushing fury and sense of vigorous energy that’s exciting and feels dangerously raw. This is channelled into songs that understand dynamics and pace, restraining the core violence of the music by putting it to productive use within each song’s musical framework. Harnessed in this way, Abolitionist is devastatingly effective.

Another top release from Ancst. Make sure you check this out.

The CD version of this EP has three bonus tracks taken from their splits with King Apathy and Depravation, so keep an eye out for this as it’s a juicy bonus if you don’t already have these.

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