Cult Leader – A Patient Man (Review)

Cult Leader - A Patient ManCult Leader are a progressive hardcore/crust band from the US and this is their second album.

A Patient Man gives us 48 minutes of dense, chaotic violence and intensity, but also much more than this.

A Patient Man is dark, nasty hardcore, but probably not as you might expect it, and not completely. This release takes the violent hardcore template and twists and warps it. Full of atypical riffs and structures, the band’s innate aggression is also tempered and filtered through an intelligent vision of what extreme music should sound like in 2018.

However, it also features a dark beauty that should sound jarring against the potent brutality of the music, but isn’t. Cult Leader have demonstrated that they’re quite proficient in crafting music that has both brutal style and brooding substance. Some songs lean towards one aspect more than the other, but this just adds to the richly grim tapestry of music that A Patient Man reveals as its playing time unfolds. The more atmospheric, softer tracks work as counterpoints against their more savage cousins, and the juxtaposition of styles works in the album’s favour, rather than against it.

Whether they’re playing in-your-face grinding mayhem, or slow, involved epics of emotion, or anything in between, Cult Leader have produced an album that hits the spot nicely, but does so in its own inimitable way. The band’s violent creativity is exhilarating, but so is their restrained beauty. This is the kind of album you want to explore over and over again.

There’s a new world to discover on A Patient Man, one which will show you many dark delights of beautiful aggression and delicate nuance. Make sure you visit Cult Leader’s creation as soon as you can.

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