Aornos – The Great Scorn (Review)

AornosAornos is a one man black metal project from Hungary and this is his fourth album.

Rooted in traditional black metal, The Great Scorn is an atmospheric and raw rendition of cosmic black metal that also incorporates some elements of more modern styles in its blistering delivery.

With enhancements from occasional subtle synths and grim melodies, this is music that focuses on creating blackened atmosphere just as much as it does on scathing, fiery black metal. The songs pilfer from old and new to create blackened hymns to darkness that are affecting in their mood-setting and effective in their world-building.

The music is at once both wild and violent, and fluidly constrained. The older and newer influences combine to birth something that takes strong aspects from both, and the songs that are on The Great Scorn benefit from this lineage. Although firmly operating in the darkest reaches of the underworld where it was born, the music on this album has a good deal of involving and engaging ideas spread across its uncompromising delivery.

Although it definitely stays within its self-created blackened framework, this is an album that still demonstrates decent variety across the songs. Each track feels well-shaped and sturdily constructed. I also like that although you can identify various reference points, (Emperor, Satyricon, Nightbringer, Schammasch, Dødsengel, Akhlys, for example), they come together in ways that create the personality that is Aornos. The past is revered and treated with respect, but this album also belongs to itself alone.

Full of arcane energy, mystical atmosphere, and esoteric venom, The Great Scorn is a very enjoyable listen. Whether a fan of old or new black metal, there’s probably something here for you.

Highly recommended and enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “Aornos – The Great Scorn (Review)

  1. Thanks for review! But Nightbringer, Schammasch, Dødsengel, Akhlys?
    Aornos used much earlier such riffs as I should have heard of these bands.

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