Violent Life Violent Death – Come, Heavy Breath (Review)

Violent Life Violent DeathViolent Life Violent Death are a US metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their second EP.

Mixing old and new influences from the metalcore and hardcore scenes, this is a savage and heavy collection of songs, despite being enhanced by some more accessible parts here and there.

I’ve heard this band described as a mix of Zao and Every Time I Die, and that’s a pretty decent starting point for getting to grips with Violent Life Violent Death’s sound, (the latter to a lesser degree than the former, however). The razor sharp riffs and piercing screamed vocals are as serrated and savage as Zao at their most merciless, while there is an undercurrent of Every Time I Die’s characterful hardcore in their sound too. Although these are definitely influences that can be heard, Violent Life Violent Death do have their own distinct personality though.

We also get some huge chugging riffs, and some thunderously heavy thuggy aggression as well. A bit of a Born from Pain influence, maybe? Once you start getting to know the music on this EP, there’s a plethora of different influences that can actually be heard, but, once again, all structured and filtered through the band’s own personalities.

Come, Heavy Breath does a very good job of simultaneously reminding me of plenty of bands from the 00s, while also having a firm modern streak in it that allows the band to straddle eras with ease. The heaviness and intensity of this music does them a lot of favours, and it’s clear that Violent Life Violent Death are more interested in bringing circle pits and bruises to small, sweaty shows than they are filling out stadiums with the type of anthemic metalcore that was also all the rage back in the 00s. They are to be commended for taking the harsher, lesser-travelled road, and Come, Heavy Breath is a very satisfying and enjoyable release.

Bring on a full album, as this hit the spot quite nicely.

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