Denim Casket – Demo (Review)

Denim CasketDenim Casket are a US grindcore/sludge band and this is their debut demo.

What in the name of everloving filth do we have here then? The blurb tells me that this is a band with drums, two basses, and vocals. I do like me a bit of a bass-heavy assault, so how could I pass this up? Let’s dive in.

Okay, so first off, although there are 6 tracks on here, the entire thing only lasts a scant 11 minutes. This should be some form of indicator of the sort of filthy music that Denim Casket play, but it’s actually quite difficult to classify, consisting of roughly equal parts grind, punk, and sludge.

The first track is only 20 seconds long. While I was fearing a pointless intro, I was actually rewarded with a vicious blast of grind extremity. Hells yeah!

The rest of the songs are longer, and showcase the band’s thick, murky sound. Mixing the above genres, the songs stomp and lurch, blast and grind, and shove and bruise as they go along. As I say, they’re quite a difficult band to classify really, but grinding sludge is probably the most accurate. Kind of.

Regardless of what label you choose to saddle them with, the reality is that Denim Casket have produced quite a lovable example of evil heaviness here. Coming across as the bastard love child of Eyehategod, Nightstick, and Brutal Truth, the music on this short demo is incredibly promising. With a bigger, (but still rampantly filthy and ugly), production and some further development of their disgustingly bass-heavy assault, Denim Casket could easily be a new favourite.

Ones to watch for sure.

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