Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain (Review)

Witch MountainWitch Mountain are a US doom metal band and this is their fifth album.

Plying traditional doom metal that focuses on songs, soaring vocals, heartfelt melodies, and gripping riffs, Witch Mountain’s strikingly-covered fifth album features 35 minutes of quality doom metal to get your teeth into.

This kind of music instantly feels familiar and welcoming due to its old-school-yet-timeless delivery. With well-written songs that focus on hooks and memorability, the tracks on this album have a confident swagger as they roll out of the speakers, but also succeed in showing nuance and texture where necessary. Rock influences can also be heard, particularly in some of the riffs, lending a certain endearing attitude to proceedings.

These are some very catchy songs. They have obviously been crafted by people that know how to traditionally structure a good doom song, with dynamics, pacing, and feeling all accounted for in the right places at the right times.

The singer’s voice is strong and equally as confident as the music is. Mainly delivering powerful cleans with enviable range and ability, she also proves that she can scream and growl with the best of them when required. Her performance is captivating and enthralling. In many ways, despite how good the music is, she’s the star of the show. Of course, this is metal and not pop, so thankfully it’s not all about the singer. Still, she has huge talent and ability, this much is obvious from the very start.

Witch Mountain is a very high quality album that is extremely enjoyable in all of the right ways.

Very highly recommended.

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