The Noble – Abolitionism (Review)

The NobleThis is the latest EP from The Noble, a hardcore band from the US.

I don’t often get to listen to much belligerent hardcore these days, so it’s great when I cross paths with something as heavy and uncompromising as Abolitionism.

It’s clear that one of the main aims that The Noble have is to be as heavy as they can be, which is something that I always find commendable. However, this needs to be backed up with some actual songwriting skills, which I’m pleased to say they also ably demonstrate across these 12 minutes.

This is a relentless, high-intensity listen that’s full of chugging riffs and thundering beatdowns. In some ways this is modern version of the kind of thing that Eighteen Visions, Throwdown, Born from Pain, Terror, etc. were getting up to in the early/mid-00s, and it makes me nostalgic for that time to be honest.

Despite the heaviness and aggression that is manifested on Abolitionism, the overall message and energy that the band have to spread is a positive one. The music makes a valid case for sheer power through positivity, and it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of this on the strength of this EP.

Check this out.

FAVOURITE TRACK: Prevail. More modern than a lot of the delivery here, and with some nice melodic touches, this song really sees the band come into their own.

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