Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (Review)

Black MothThis is the third album from Black Moth, a doom rock band from the UK.

On Anatomical Venus Black Moth combine doom, garage, and psychedelic rock ,with a bit of the old metallic heavier stuff, into 45 minutes of kicking jams and beguiling songs.

The music on this album is well-written and has many enjoyable qualities to recommend it. One of the more obvious assets that the band have is their talented singer. She boasts a clear and powerful voice, with a rich delivery and emotive presence.

The music itself is a very pleasing mix of the aforementioned styles, all wedded together seamlessly and naturally. I like that each track has its own identity, and none of them feel too much like filler or like they’ve been included for the sake of it.

Full of strong hooks and catchy moments, this is an easy album to find yourself listening to over and over again without really thinking about it too much. It’s very rewarding to just sit back and let what Black Moth do wash over you as they transport you to their personable, affable world.

If you imagine a mix of bands such as Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, only fronted by a skilled female vocalist, you’ll have a good idea of the realms that Black Moth operate in. Or, another one; think of a less-heavy, less-doomy, more rockier Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard crossed with some of The Gathering’s early work, and with a bit of Psychedelic Witchcraft without the retro aspect. I can also hear a bit of Stolen Babies here and there in Black Moth’s sound, but only occasionally. A pinch of some of Paradise Lost‘s work too…

Regardless, Black Moth are very much their own band, of course, my weak attempts at comparisons notwithstanding. Anatomical Venus is a well-rounded, kick-ass album.

Go get this.

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