Hammerfall – Glory to the Brave – 20 Year Anniversary Edition (Review)

HammerfallHammerfall are a veteran Swedish heavy/power metal band and this is the 20-year anniversary edition of their 1997 debut album.

This package features a remastered version of the classic album that started the Hammerfall legend. Additionally, there’s a Stormwitch cover, a radio edit of the title track, and six bonus live songs all taken from this album. There’s also a DVD available too, (but that falls outside of this review). Altogether it’s a comprehensive collection that’s an enticing prospect.

At a time when real heavy metal was suffering, Hammerfall seemed to come out of nowhere and stake a claim for the heavy metal throne. They had the talent and songs to back it up too, which is why Glory to the Brave is rightfully hailed as a classic.

Each song on this album is a first-rate example of heavy/power metal done right. The uptempo riffs, duelling melodies, soaring vocals, catchy choruses, and totally infectious songs – this is music that tends to stick in your head easily. With so many standout moments, it’s hard to pick a favourite, and I’m sure everyone has their own preferences.

The quality of songwriting on this album is up there with the best of them, and it’s great that it has had the remaster treatment, with a strong, clear, powerful sound.

Glory to the Brave is a classic heavy metal record. If you don’t already have it, then now is the perfect time to introduce it to your record collection.

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