Thaw – Grains (Review)

ThawThis is the fourth album from Polish black metal band Thaw.

Thaw play modern black metal, with hybridised aspects of doom, sludge, and drone. Indeed, the latter of these styles is a prominent one on Grains.

Thaw’s sound is a dense, dissonant blend of blackened extremity, thick sludge immensity, and withering drone doom, all rounded off with experimental flourishes. All of this exists under a contemporary blackened disposition, which the band successfully channel into everything they do.

The songs on Grains have been conceived by people that know this modern brand of malevolence inside and out. Each of the five songs that Thaw have unleashed here have their own grim grandeur and specialised skills, all designed to draw the listener into the dark, expressive world of the band. Some songs lean more to one stylistic direction than others, be that droning experimentalism, or thundering intensity.

Esoteric atmosphere and obscure moods shroud the music in a cloak of darkness, blanketing everything here with otherworldly vibes, no matter what is actually being played. Thaw have lost none of their talent for creating engrossing extreme metal that they’ve ably demonstrated in the past, and it’s great to hear them push the envelope even further on Grains.

Thaw are a band deserving of greater recognition and support, for they keep putting out impressive and highly satisfying music. Make sure that Grains is on your list of albums to check out.

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