Mason – Impervious (Review)

MasonMason are an Australian thrash metal band and this is their second album.

Released in what now seems like a very long time ago, Mason’s debut album Warhead saw the light of day in 2013. As enjoyable as this was, the Mason of 2017 is a superior, streamlined killing machine.

Yes, the intervening years have been more than kind to Mason. The band have progressed and refined their sound and style between releases, culminating in the 36 miniutes of aggressive thrash that they give us on Impervious.

In some ways all you need do is compare the album covers of their two albums; Impervious’ cover speaks of a more serious, focused band, both in the artwork and logo.

The band still play a brand of riotous old-school thrash metal that should be pleasingly familiar to anyone that knew their debut, of course; the band have developed and improved their sound, but they’re still the same band after all, (more or less – they seem to have changed lead guitarist). What they have essentially done is taken the style that they started off with on Warhead and made it bigger, better, and bolder than previously.

Fast and aggressive, Impervious is full of catchy riffs and top solos. The band clearly know and love this style inside out. The term ‘killer thrash’ was designed for bands like Mason.

Mason have harnessed the power of the Bay Area thrash sound into nine tracks of whirlwind violence and head-smashing intensity. Importantly though, they’ve managed to capture the essence of songwriting skill that the big four had, which is an essential ingredient for this kind of thing. Throw in some Kreator and a pinch of modern influences, and you have a very, very enjoyable collection of metal songs.

It may have been a long time between albums, but Impervious has definitely been worth the wait. Well-written, catchy, memorable, and full of thrashy hooks, Mason have returned with the kind of high-quality professional album that should hopefully see very good things happening in their future. Despite how huge and well-pieced together it sounds though, none of this diminishes the band’s raw passion or honest appeal.

This is an extremely impressive album from a band that have proven they now have what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Any thrash fan should get this.

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