Moribundo – Raíz Amarga (Review)

MoribundoThis is the debut album from Moribundo, a Spanish death/doom band.

Moribundo mix crushing funeral doom with harsh, horrifying death metal.

Each of the four tracks on Raíz Amarga have their own personality and character. Each is played in the same style, but has its own emphasis, making for a rewarding and satisfying listen as the band craft four different ways to explore death and despair.

Melancholic melodies and heavy atmospheres abound, with the band’s songwriting favouring a layered approach to the music. All of the various instruments used are well-played and clearly recorded, with even the bass getting a proper airing. The leads and keyboards are the defining emotive features of the songs in many ways, although the monolithic rhythm guitars shouldn’t be discounted either.

Piano, violin, synths, and female vocals are used to enhance the band’s core delivery too, used wherever necessary to add atmosphere and help foster the kind of despondent moods that the band want to create.

One of the things I love about this album is how the band effortlessly seem to combine grim, doom atmospheres with raw aggression. Most releases like this are weighted more to the former than the latter, but on Raíz Amarga there’s more of a balanced delivery between the two. Even when the band are playing slow and atmospherically, there’s still a burning malevolent aggression that manifests in the riffs and the harsh vocals.

Ah yes, the vocals; a few different vocal styles are used by the singer, and he easily demonstrates a good range and delivery. However, I have to say it’s his deep, dark growls that really do it for me. Performed with violence and power, his voice is great to listen to.

As far as death/doom goes this is up there with the best of them in my opinion. Raíz Amarga is a very satisfying listen and one that gets better the more you subject yourself to its darkness.

Highly recommended.

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