Merrimack – Omegaphilia (Review)

MerrimackThis is the fifth album from French black metal band Merrimack.

Merrimack play traditionally influenced black metal with fury and devotion.

An orthodox, occult presence is felt strongly right from the start of this release, and the band’s impressive songwriting skills are quite apparent too from the moment the first track really kicks in.

The music is memorable and grimly engaging, making the most of the inherent stylistic restrictions of the classic blackened style to craft tracks that are not only blisteringly aggressive, but also contain wondrous moments of dark atmosphere and malevolent melody.

I enjoy the raging blast beats that slice like blades, but I must say that I also really, really like it when the band slow down a jot and let the blackened melodies come to the fore. In truth, no matter what speed the band play at they are extremely proficient at their art.

These songs sound as if everything has been carefully considered and all outcomes taken into consideration before any of the band’s formidable weaponry is deployed in anger. This careful approach to planning has paid off, as when the band let loose and unleash their sharpened knives on the listener, they quickly cut to the meat of the situation.

Apocalyptic and sinister, Omegaphilia contains seven hymns to darkness and terror. This is a band that don’t play nice, but they don’t have to, as they’re confident in their ability to spit out evil black metal that goes straight for the heart. Theirs is a moral danger too though, as it’s not just their obvious claws that you have to fear, but their soul-sickening spiritual assault too. Merrimack wage war on many levels, and are masters of their battlecraft.

Merrimack seem to have meticulously planned the raising of this album from the depths of some particularly harrowing abyss, and have probably made many nefarious pacts to accomplish this. It has definitely been worth the apparent effort though, and listeners with an iron will and a strong mind will find a lot to enjoy on this release. Yes, Omegaphilia has many delights with which to impress the listener, assuming they’re not reduced to a hollow, drained, warped corpse by the very nature of the band’s corrupting, maleficent material, of course.

So, will you survive Omegaphilia intact…?

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