Diarchy – Here Lost We Lie (Review)

DiarchyDiarchy are an Indian stoner rock band and this is their debut album.

I always enjoy a band that worship The Riff. Riff worshippers always seem to be having such fun!

On Here Lost We Lie the band’s enthusiasm for not only The Riff, but everything they do, is palpable. It should be noted though that not only do Diarchy know how to rock out and have a good time, but they also make sure they provide the listener with a little reflective content and some softer moments to provide texture. The opening track Love and the closing track Wallflower are both great examples of this, bookending the release nicely.

Once we get into the meat of the distorted goodness that the band offer, we’re treated to some emotive and passionate stoner/desert rock.

The songs largely manage to adopt both a laid-back desert-rock vibe, as well as having a rowdy attitude on top of this. There are plenty of hooks and catchy parts to their material, making for songs that hit the spot more than they don’t. The band aren’t shy about following a riff or idea to its conclusion either, allowing for some extended solos and instrumental workout sections.

The singer’s voice has a classic quality to it, as if you could imagine him belting out tunes to songs way back in the 70s. Cresting across the waves of riffs that crash out from these songs, he sounds born for the style. On these various tracks he injects a lot of charisma and personality into his performance, and, alongside the expressive riffs and pounding drums, helps to bring the songs to life.

This is 35 minutes of quality rock, with good songs and lots of character. If you’re a fan of the style I urge you to check this out.

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