Moments – Outlast (Review)

MomentsMoments are a Belgian hardcore band and this is their latest EP.

Energetic and dynamic, Moments manage to mix elements of both the old and new schools of hardcore, blended with a bit of modern metal, of course.

With enough heavy riffs and vibrant grooves to carve up the dance floor, the songs on Outlast are well-presented, well-realised, and quite enjoyable.

There’s a firm emotive/melodic edge to the tracks, meaning that their innate belligerence is only part of the tale they tell. For a band that essentially peel off heavy riffs and energetic pit-friendly anthems, there’s more nuance of delivery here than you find in a lot of bands that play this kind of thing. This is largely down to the good songwriting; the music knows how to rock and roll that’s for sure, but it’s the emotive, energetic delivery that really makes the listener come back for more.

Yep, the band can certainly throw out a heavy beatdown when they need to, but when the leads are adding colourful emphasis and the singer’s harsh barks take on more emphatic, shaded tones, that’s when things really happen with Moments.

Clean singing appears, sparingly used, but this largely pales in comparison to the strength of the main shouted vocals.

With a strong recording that makes the most of the band’s strengths, Outlast is a very enjoyable slab of modern hardcore that’s infused with enough elements of the old-school and melodic styles to make the songs go the distance.

A highly recommended listen.

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