Fin – Arrows of a Dying Age (Review)

FinThis is US black metal band Fin’s fourth album.

Fin specialise in raw, underground second-wave black metal that’s not without its moments of light.

Fast and burning with molten aggression, these songs are like liquid fire streaming through the heavens. Full of dark lustre and shimmering melodies, although the music is fast and aggressive, it’s more upbeat than you might imagine; not in a jaunty or flippant way, but rather Fin are a band that take black metal’s inherent dark side and drag it kicking and screaming into the light.

This method results in songs that have a shaded approach to their blackened assault. The tracks are classic-styled black metal, but with a modern, somewhat brighter sheen than normal, that allows the band to have their own personality and individuality distinct from a lot of others ploughing the second-wave style.

Make no mistake though – you wouldn’t call this ‘happy’ black metal, by any means. It’s just not all about the misery and evil for Fin.

The songs are catchy and memorable, with lots of blistering melodies to firmly lodge in your subconscious as you listen to them rip and tear through the playing time. The tracks quickly get to the point and are nicely violent.

The vocalist has a great voice for black metal. Needle-thin and full of vitriolic venom, he screams and shrieks like a banshee. Great stuff.

Arrows of a Dying Age is a fast and aggressive album that is developed enough to be itself and deliver the kind of music that it wants to without interference from outsiders. It’s a very enjoyable listen because of this.

Highly recommended.

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