Cybernetic Witch Cult – Troglodithic Trip (Review)

Cybernetic Witch CultHere we have Cybernetic Witch Cult – a stoner/doom rock band from the UK. This is their third album.

Full of fuzzy riffs and distorted goodness, this is an album that worships The Holy Riff at the space altar of tripped out doom rock.

The songs are full of groovy hooks and plenty of stoner fun. This is an album all about the riffs, and everywhere you look there’s a new one to smack you upside the face with its bold, bright fuzziness.

The band know how to have fun with the material, and the songs on this release are very satisfying.

Each of the tracks is a well-written example of the style, showing off the band’s bold and brash approach to stoner/doom rock to great effect. Catchy, memorable, and with plenty of hooks, Troglodithic Trip is chock full of enjoyable content.

With personality, charisma, and a well-used voice, their singer leads the charge alongside the galloping guitars and fat riffs. I imagine he rides a horse on stage, but maybe that’s just me. Regardless of his equine preferences, his performance across these songs is a strong one, and his singing is a definite asset for a band that already have plenty of plus points.

Definitely a recommended listen. Cybernetic Witch Cult know what they’re doing.

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