Obelyskkh – The Providence (Review)

ObelyskkhThis is the fourth album by this German doom metal band.

After loving 2013’s Hymn to Pan, it’s great to hear the new release by Obelyskkh.

I like an album that’s heavier than a sack of spanners, and The Providence certainly qualifies.

The music on this album is dark, weighty, and full of substance. The band aren’t afraid to let their compositions become drawn out, and in many ways the length indicates the quality on The Providence. Longer seems to be better, but even the shortest track here is a corker.

Extended doom/sludge workouts give the band the opportunity to develop their heaviosity and play around with it. This could be something as simple and effective as a wall of guitars, or maybe added synths, winding melodies, a gripping solo…whatever they get up to, you’d better believe that it works a treat.

Hideous grooves, progressive sludge, and hypnotic dirges all work equally well to capture the listener’s attention and keep it by sheer force of presence and musical charisma. The songs on The Providence are easy to take to, especially if you like your doom covered in dirt, blithely emotional, and epic in ambition. Yep, there’s quite a lot going on here, and we just lap it up.

Bloody Hell Obelyskkh are good.

The songs are blessed with multiple vocal styles, with various cleans, screams, and other types of singing and shouting all used very well across the tracks. Whatever the singer is doing it’s always passionate, emotive and belted out with vigour.

It’s hard to say whether this is better than Hymn to Pan or not, as although I’ve listened to this new one a good few times now, I’ve listened to Hymn to Pan a whole lot more. My initial impressions are that it’s at least on par with their third album, and the more I get to know it I can actually imagine it besting it. High praise, considering how good Hymn to Pan is.

So, to sum up – Obelyskkh have returned with another killer album. If you’re into doom then you’re under contractual obligation to like this. Sorry, but that’s just how it is. Now – play it at full volume.

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