Urskog – Urskog (Review)

UrskogUrskog are a Swedish blackened sludge band and this is their debut demo release.

The music is dark and sinister, with eerie melodies used as part of the band’s blackened approach. These are usually deposited on top of darker, blackened riffs that are ably backed up by the percussive section.

The singer has a rather inhuman voice that growls and roars atop the music. He uses some quite catchy vocal rhythms and patterns as he goes about his aggressive work.

There’s a strong black metal feel to the songs, with the appropriate frosted, evil atmospheres that you would expect. These are aided an abetted by a nasty sludge side too, making for songs that are twisted and malevolent entities.

This is good stuff, done in a way that doesn’t seem done to death like a lot of sludge releases. The songs merge the black metal and sludge metal aspects of the band’s spiritual heritages together in such a way that they work cooperatively to create tracks that take the best from both styles.

There’s a fair amount of catchiness across these tracks, especially in the guitars. Some of the riffs just won’t stop and you find yourself quite infected with their catchy, almost-hummable bliss.

A very good debut release. Urskog demonstrate that they show great promise across these 16 minutes. With atmosphere, blackened malevolence and an obvious talent for this kind of thing, I look forward to what they do next.

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