Maloic – Death (Review)

MaloicMaloic are an Indian death metal band and this is their debut album.

This is melodic death metal with folk elements. Featuring influences from traditional Indian music, Maloic are reminiscent of the early/mid 90s death metal era, where bands were experimenting with the core genre to include wider styles. 

Think of Maloic as a cross between early Amorphis, Sentenced and Dark Tranquillity.

The songs on this release are well-written and surprisingly catchy. The folk influences are not overbearing and even though the melodic aspects of the band are very prominent, this never becomes grating or tiring to endure.

I particularly enjoy the leads and solos on this album, although all of the guitar parts are pleasantly satisfying. The rest of the instruments are handled well too, but it’s the guitars that steal the show for me.

Subtle keyboards add some extra shading and depth, and overall the tracks on this release foster good atmospheres as they go about their business of melodically tearing things up.

This is the kind of music that’s easy to feel nostalgic to in some ways, but it must be remembered that although Maloic are clearly influenced by past times, they are very much a band of today. This includes a sterling production that gives them the kind of sound that will allow them to compete at an international level, should they get sufficient exposure.

I very much enjoyed this release. There’s a lot to like here and some of the melodies used are downright infectious.

This is really good – highly recommended.

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