Infecting the Swarm – Abyss (Review)

Infecting the SwarmThis is the second album from Infecting the Swarm, a one man brutal death metal project from Germany.

2014’s Pathogenesis was somewhat of a highlight for me in the brutal death metal genre, despite it somehow escaping me at the time that it was by a one-man band, (not that this really matters, it just makes it that little bit more impressive).

With a sound that’s very precise and surgical, Abyss continues where Pathogenesis left off, complete with sci-fi theme and equally sexy cover. Also like Pathogenesis, Abyss is all about the brutality over and above everything else.

The songs have high-energy and plenty of spirit, but it’s the sheer visceral assault of the songs that will really get to you in the end. There’s just no real let-up in their attack. In fact, Abyss is utterly relentless, just like its predecessor. This doesn’t mean endless blast beats, of course, just endless aggression. There are a lot of blast beats mind, (not too many – is there such a thing?), but these are broken up here and there with snippets of broken melody and some slamming heaviness.

The vocals are once more the epitome of guttural pignoise growls, still done the right-side of listenable for me. The singer is as relentlessly savage as the music. Ferocious stuff.

Listening to this is like being caught in a whirlwind of brutality. Tossed, turned, crushed, mangled and eventually after 36 minutes of this abuse, spat out in a mess of bloody chunks. What the Hell just happened? Obviously you’re no longer in any fit state to wonder this, as you’ve just been totally demolished by Infecting the Swarm.

Oh dear.

Once you pull yourself together with a bit of superglue and some plasters, (guaranteed to patch back together any mess of bloody chunks…), you approach with caution this time, only the exact same thing happens. Abyss means business.

For a decent-length fix of utter barbarous brutality, look no further. I’ve been greatly anticipating this release and am not disappointed.

Now, if only I had more superglue and more plasters…

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