Insect Death – Perpetuating Idiocy (Review)

Insect DeathInsect Death is a one-man grindcore band from the US.

A member of Chalice of Suffering has unleashed this small, short gem of a grind release. It’s brutally concise and an utterly vicious little beast.

The fact that the band name, (and logo), is a combination of Insect Warfare and Napalm Death should tell you a lot about this.

So, this is grindcore that owes a debt to the old-school, as well as incorporating crust/punk influences and a pinch of a more modern approach. This means that we get high-energy grind with plenty of mid-paced chuggery, groove and slower bits spread across the body-part strewn landscape.

The sound is decent, but definitely of the underground. It does the job nicely, giving a beefy, granite-like edge to the heaviness without even approaching anything polished or pristine.

A combination of deep growls and insectile, (ahem), screams can be heard. The high-pitched screaming sounds like nails being dragged down a blackboard, (in a good way), while the growls are full of character and menace. There’s a fair bit of variety though, and occasionally we also get a bit of hardcore-esque shouting, alongside other versions of shouts, growls and screams.

Like the vocals, the songs are relatively diverse for this kind of thing, with lots of variety in speed, pace, mood and grinding intent. They’re well-written, with an obvious love and understanding of the style.

Perpetuating Idiocy is a highly enjoyable 16 minutes or so of grinding brutality. I’m very impressed.

Highly recommended.

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