Octopurath – Spawned Beyond the Oneiric Abyss (Review)

OctopurathOctopurath are a brutal death metal band from France. This is their debut EP.

Featuring members of Eradikal Insane, this is a 15 minute calling card of utter brutality and crushing death metal.

This is dense and heavy, with lots of chugging riffs alternated with fast pile-driving guitars. When they’re not doing either of these things, the band do slow down a bit here and there to inject a bit of atmosphere, but there’s little in the way of melody or subtlety here overall. The band focus on belligerently bashing your skull in with any blunt instrument that’s close at hand.

The vocals are utterly guttural, occasionally descending into pignoise. I like the singer’s voice a lot, and he’s equally good at the drawn-out growls as he is with rapid-fire belching. It sounds like he’s definitely cut out for this kind of thing.

The music is obviously played well, and the band clearly know their style. As a debut release this is very enjoyable. I suspect that they will improve over time as well; as they develop and refine their collective group personality, I can imagine them producing some really satisfying death metal in the future. For now though, if this is a mere taste of things to come then I think I’ll be listening to this again in the future.

If heavy brutality with a bit of slam is your thing, then check out Octopurath.

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