Dorylus – The Rapture (Review)

DorylusDorylus are a metal band from the UK. This is their debut EP.

Dorylus play groove metal influenced by all of the usual suspects of the style, (Lamb of God, Pantera, etc.).

For a first release this is a well-realised 21 minutes of aural thuggery, with a decent sound and a firm grasp of what makes this kind of music enjoyable.

They have a good crunch to the guitars and a clearly know the type of riffs that they want to go for. There’s a good melodic sensibility here too, as well as some stonkingly enjoyable  riffs strewn about.

I probably like them the best when they speed up and a kind of melodic death/thrash metal feel takes over. Deceiving the Pure is a good example of this; when it’s not dropping huge chugging breakdowns it has the feeling of old In Flames.

The enthusiasm they display is obvious. The songs are well-written and they hit more than they miss.

The vocals are muscular screams that sound full of impassioned rage and diatribes. With some good rhythmic patterns and a decent set of pipes overall, he leads the charge along with the thrashing guitars and pummelling drums.

I’ve enjoyed this, and The Rapture is a promising start to the band’s musical journey. If they can develop their burgeoning sound into a more personalised direction then I think they have the ability to go places.

Check this out.

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