Damnatus – Io Odio la Vita (Review)

DamnatusDamnatus is a one-man Italian black metal band and this is his debut EP.

This debut release offers us 36 minutes of raw black metal in the depressive style, full of woe and lonesome sorrow. There’s a barbed edge to the delivery though, making for songs that play depressive black metal with a bit of bite to the attack.

The singer has a vocal delivery that’s a little uglier and more brutal than those of some similar bands. His voice still has that edge of despair to it that’s common to the style, but also has somewhat of a hardcore harshness to it now and again.

The riffs are razor-sharp and tinged with loss and misery. Dark melodies seep out of the rhythms like some fatal ailment, sinking back into the depths once they have made their mark.

Subtle bass is used well throughout the compositions, adding nice touches to the despondent music.

The songs are enjoyable examples of this particular sub-genre, and they’re timed just about right; long enough to get their message across, but without overplaying their hand and hanging around too long.

An enjoyable descent into misery and sadness, laced with blackened poison.

Have a listen.

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