Outright Resistance – Me Vs I (Review)

Outright ResistanceOutright Resistance are a UK metal band and this is their latest EP.

After a rather embarrassing intro track, the rest of the EP is, thankfully, better. This is Pantera/Lamb of God/Chimaira inspired metal that’s all youthful enthusiasm and energy.

The band have the right approach for this kind of music, starting with some decent riffs and building a full structure around them. The songs are catchier than you might expect, and even during the first listen it’s easy to find yourself bouncing along with the energetic riffs.

I think my favourite track here is Pain, and I like that there’s some added keyboards here too.

The vocals are nicely aggressive, show character and the singer clearly knows the style well. For this kind of music getting the correct singer is half the battle, and Outright Resistance seem to have chosen wisely.

A very promising EP. With a few writing touch-ups here and there, and a stronger production, Outright Resistance could do well. Let’s see what they do next.

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