Fractured Insanity – Man Made Hell (Review)

Fractured InsanityThis is Fractured Insanity’s third album. They are a death metal band from Belgium.

Fractured Insanity play brutal death metal that’s intense and well-written. Although this is predominantly on the brutal end of the spectrum, there’s also elements of technicality at play here, which just adds further depth to the music.

Think a combination of Nile, Behemoth, Severe Torture, Malevolent Creation and Hate Eternal. Yes, very tasty indeed.

The songs have clearly been thought about, and for the type of album that this is there’s a good amount of variety on it. The band play fast a lot of the time, but there’s enough changes in speed and mood to keep the listener’s interest. Plus the fact that they just seem to have really concentrated on putting together enjoyable death metal songs, rather than just trying to be the fastest/most brutal/whatever band out there. The songs are memorable and leave a lasting impression.

There are a lot of really good, catchy riffs on Man Made Hell, some of which you’ll probably find yourself humming without realising it. Although this is not a melodic death metal album, Fractured Insanity still make superior use of melody on these tracks, adding a deeper, emotive content to the music. That’s when it’s not trying to just rip your face off, of course.

Man Made Hell also boasts more sexy solos than you can shake a stick at, all captured by a strong production that shows off the band’s ample talents in the very best light.

The singer’s deep growls are flawlessly performed and he has the perfect kind of voice for this kind of thing. Harsh and aggressive, he acts as a crowning piece of barbarism to the precise, controlled savagery of the music.

This really is a very impressive slab of death metal. Each song combines brutality, technicality, melody, catchy/memorable songwriting and traditional death metal know-how to produce a 37 minute tour de force that every death metal fan should have in their collection.

Well, this one blew me away.

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