Area – Obsolete Flesh – Part I (Review)

AreaArea are a death metal band from Poland. This is their début release.

This new band have travelled along the 90s death metal route, it seems. At only 18 minutes in length, this is a good calling card for their take on the genre, and showcases their obvious passion for the style.

They’ve even got a bit of the 90s sound going on with the recording, as well as including some some thrash influences in the bright solos and rumbling riffs. Some of the thrashier riffs seem inspired by Metallica to me, and it’s really good to hear that kind of thing in a death metal context.

Area have a singer that knows what he’s doing in the vocal department. His growls sound really harsh and jagged, while his high-pitched screams are sharp enough to carry a health warning.

The songs are good examples of the style and Area clearly love what they do. It’s an enjoyable blast of the 90s style that shows a band who may be relatively in their infancy, but show great promise already. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.


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