Yidhra – Cult of Bathory (Review)

YidhraThis is the latest EP from US Doom Metal band Yidhra.

This is Classic/Traditional Doom Metal played with passion and mystique.

The singer has a leaden presence that adds weight and charisma to the band’s delivery; his voice is darker, deeper and thicker than is usually the norm for a lot of bands of this type, and it adds volumes to the music.

The songs are well-written examples of the style that have both a modern and a timeless edge to them. They’re also gritty and earthy without losing a certain lustre.

It’s easy to enjoy these tracks and the 27 minutes on this EP pass quite pleasantly with a companionable and personable flow. The riffs and melodies the band employ are familiar without sounding stale or over-used, and the drums have got a delicious sound to them that makes them very satisfying indeed.

Each of these songs have their own personality and distinctive style, all within the overarching framework of Doom Metal, of course.

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