Necropsy – Buried in the Woods (Review)

NecropsyNecropsy are a Finnish Death Metal band and this is their second album.

Necropsy play Old-School Death Metal that stinks of the crypt and is full of rotting horror.

Their sound is nicely heavy and full of rolling, tasty riffs. Frequent leads and solos accompany the the thick riffs and an ancient atmosphere of atavistic Death Metal is easily achieved.

The singer has a good growl that conjures up all manner of revolting, sickening images as he grunts and roars his way through the musical carnage.

The songs are well-written and the band have that authentic, underground quality to them. Necropsy are veterans of the scene and know what goes into making decent Death Metal. They know when to apply speed too and are not over-reliant on slower sections; there’s savagery here.

It’s a well-rounded package really. Good sound, good songs, good variety; Buried in the Woods ticks all of the boxes for this kind of release and it’s clear that the band have poured a lot of effort and personality into these 8 tracks.

Very nice indeed. Necropsy have impressed and pleased.

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