Suppression – Chained and Dragged (Review)

SuppressionThis is the début EP from New Zealand Metal band Suppression.

This is Groove Metal in the vein of Lamb of God, Vision of Disorder and Dead Earth Politics.

The vocals vary between clean singing and shouts. The cleans are a little more muted than the norm and work really well as understated enhancements or choruses – somewhat akin to the Vision of Disorder singer’s style. The shouting is similar to the Lamb of God singer, only not quite as deep. Both sound good and do their jobs well.

The music is riff-heavy and groove-laden, although the band still find space to insert melody and leads where necessary to give the songs an added dimension. They also have guitar solos, which is always something that I appreciate.

Supression tread the line between the commercial and something a bit rougher. Their style is of the sort that bands like Lamb of God, Vision of Disorder, Chimaira, etc. played just before they got bigger. This doesn’t mean that Suppression will also hit the big time, of course, but given the right label backing and a tightening/tidying up of their sound it’s at least possible.

I have enjoyed this EP and it shows great promise for the future.

Check them out.

Favourite Track: Fuel the Pit.

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