Coathanger Abortion – Observations of Humanity (Review)

Coathanger AbortionCoathanger Abortion are from the US and this is their second album. They play Death Metal.

This is ultra-brutal, underground Death Metal that has no time for anyone or anything apart from killing and bloodshed.

The vocals are so deep and guttural that they actually make you feel sick. It’s as if the singer is committing horrible, heinous acts whilst vomiting forth his diatribes and that these acts have somehow found an outlet in his malignant deathgrunts.

Now, with all of this brutality and sickness on display here you’d be forgiven for thinking that the songs were short and nasty affairs. But this is not the case, (well, the short bit anyway); this is quite a long album at 55 minutes and the songs are much lengthier than the standard Death Metal band’s reach.

These tracks are brutal in a riff-hungry way. Their Death Metal is not all about speed for the sake of it and instead take a leaf out of the USDM playbook and spend a lot of time as mid-paced aggressors that chug and groove their way through the carnage. They also have a quality bass sound, which I like.

The songs are surprisingly engaging and many a time I found myself nodding along to the tunes without even realising it, which is never a bad thing.

This is a true slab of sickness that must surely only be appreciated by those looking to delve into the deep, dark underbelly of the Death Metal underground. If you can stomach it, look in on them today.

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