Aegrum – De Arrival (Review)

AegrumThis is the second release from Aegrum who are an Indonesian Symphonic Black Metal band.

This is underground Black Metal with an atmospheric element characterised by the added keyboards. Coming off like something that should have been released in 1995, De Arrival is an endearing and honest paean to lost times and old glories.

The guitars are as paper thin as anything from the mists of Black Metal history but retain a dark lustre nonetheless. The Blackened melodies are sharp and provide an underpinning backdrop for the mournful keyboards.

The vocals are like solidified lightning and flash out on top of the music with evil intent.

For me, there’s a lot of nostalgic character present in a band like this, and it really does take me back to an earlier time. I have a similar emotional response to Aegrum as I do to Cosmic Infusion, which is one to savour.

This is really enjoyable. Be sure to check this out and get your hit of well-performed mid-90’s style Symphonic Black Metal.

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