The Black Lantern – We Know The Future (Review)

The Black LanternThe Black Lantern are from the US and this is their début album. The band play modern Rock/Punk.

This is music that’s passionate and energetic. It’s a highly emotive affair with the focal point being the excited and impassioned vocals. The singer has a charismatic voice that’s full of personality which she uses to great effect through these 11 tracks.

Halfway between Punk and Rock, The Black Lantern are a band who can easily appeal to fans of both. These songs are very catchy and full of hooks, but merely saying that doesn’t really do their music justice.

I’m sitting here listening to We Know The Future again and the songs just exude energy, passion and excitement like an electrified badger. Or something. I dunno, but you get the idea. It’s infectious and it makes me want to move around at speed and in funny ways.

This is music to feel invigorated to. Did your cat steal your sandwich? Maybe your boss poured paint on your head? Perhaps you’re being stalked by moths? In any case, stick on We Know The Future and none of it will feel so bad.

A thoroughly impressive release that’s perfect music to feel alive to.

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