Warcode – Vortex of Chaos (Review)

WarcodeThis is the début album from Greece’s Warcode, who are a Death Metal band with a Thrash influence.

This is well-recorded Death Metal with a good ear for catchy riffs and songs that probably go down a storm live.

Warcode have a nice Thrash Metal influence to their riffs which means that the songs have high energy levels and plenty of hooks.

Rather than generic riffs simply strung together, thought has gone into progression, pacing and the general dynamics of the tracks; this shines through repeatedly.

These songs feature some good playing and some really nice solos. It always comes back to the rhythm guitars though for me as there are some really choice riffs going on here. Pick pretty much any song and almost straight away you’ll encounter some quality riffing and catchy tunes.

The drums are solid and it’s always good to be able to hear some bass as well. The vocals are deep, dark and sound like the singer is gargling gravel. Nice.

Warcode have put together a good collection of tracks that should hopefully see them increasing their profile.

Check them out and show your support.

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