Skull Koraptor – Dead Ahead (Review)

Skull KoraptorSkull Koraptor are a Thrash Metal band from Greece and this is their début EP.

Skull Koraptor play Old-School Thrash Metal with a pinch of Heavy Metal added to the mix. They’re influenced by the old Big Four and wear their influences on their sleeves.

It’s energetic and played with passion. We may have heard this style many times before but there’s no denying the enthusiasm that the band attack the material with.

The instruments are played well and there are a fair few enjoyable solos sprinkled around.

Each song is well written and the band have a good grasp of what it takes to write a catchy Metal song.

The vocalist does a good job and overall this is an authentic recreation of Old-School Metal that should be recognisable to any fan of the genre.

If you’ve reached your saturation point with this type of Metal then there’s probably not much to tempt you here, however if you still carry a torch for this older Thrash sound then Skull Koraptor are actually way better and more authentic than a lot of those in the retro-Thrash movement.

Want some enjoyable and honest Old-School Thrash Metal? Look no further.

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