Elevators to the Grateful Sky – Cloud Eye (Review)

Elevators to the Grateful SkyThis is the début album from Italian Stoner Rock band Elevators to the Grateful Sky.

This is a groovy and rocking release from this band.

A warm, happy sound emanates from the album and even in the band’s heavier moments the sound still manages to capture the heat of the desert in every note.

The singer has a good voice that’s as welcoming and familiar as the style itself. Not too high and not too low, it’s in that sweet spot where it doesn’t grate at all and fits the songs like a glove.

The songs are catchy and memorable and altogether a relatively relaxed affair. Even when the band rock out with their riffs at full throttle they still manage to foster a laid-back vibe at the same time.

The tracks have the usual Stoner Rock-styled riffs and composition that’s so definitive of this genre as well as having a bit of a Grunge feel in places. They do throw in the odd curve ball however; horn sections, for example.

Whilst not reinventing the genre this is still a solid and enjoyable release for anyone who likes this style.

Have a listen.

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