Hellhate – Retsonretap (Review)

HellhateHellhate are a Black Metal band from the Ukraine, and this is their début EP.

This is a short EP at only 15 minutes but it functions as a good introduction to the band.

Hellhate have a raw sound that is nonetheless clear and functional. It wraps darkness around the already grim riffs and holds them tight.

The high pitched rasps are demonic and maniacal, giving the impression of an angry imp not entirely dissimilar to the cover.

Each song is a good collection of Black Metal riffs in the Old-School style mixing Darkthrone and Satyricon with a even a little hint of Black Sabbath now and again to the guitars.

Hellhate seem just as comfortable playing slowly as they do when blasting, and they do both producing a well-rounded release that I have really enjoyed.

When they blast they sound tight and focused and when they get a good Black Metal groove going then it’s all I can do to keep still while I’m listening. Up to the Stench is a particularly good example of when the band exhibit both traits in an extremely satisfying way.

It may be little more than a taster EP but this is the kind of Black Metal that it’s easy to like; simple, well-written and evil. If you like Black Metal you can’t fail to like Hellhate.

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