Cemetery – Enter the Gate (Discography 1991-1993) (Review)

CemeteryCemetery were a German band who were active between 1986 and 1993.

This reissue is two discs of Death Metal, played with passion and interest. This compilation holds all of their recordings between 1991 and 1993, including their lost album that was recorded but never released.

There is an hour and 40 minutes of music here and all of it is top quality. With more exposure this band could easily have been a leading light in the Death Metal scene.

This is powerful material, played and written very well; it shows up a lot of bands these days who have half the creativity that Cemetery display.

The longer songs show that the band were pushing the boundaries of standard Death Metal at the time. Who knows what they could have released eventually?

What we have here though is ample evidence to show that they knew what they were doing. Occasional effects and acoustics are combined with brutality to make interesting songs that all have that special secret ingredient; these songs satisfy, deeply, in ways that only the best Metal can.

Solid playing, melodics, solos, riffs; all of the necessary elements to make a strong album.

It should be noted that the sound is surprisingly good. Everything sounds balanced, clear and crushing.

This is a lost gem of an album; 20 years buried and now unearthed to give pleasure to all who would listen. Forget whatever latest flash-in-the-pan nonsense you’re thinking of buying this month, invest in Cemetery and listen loud.

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