Enabler – La Fin Absolue Du Monde (Review)

EnablerEnabler are from the US and play aggressive Hardcore/Metal.

Songs, songs, songs! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

This has a good Hardcore coating with a solid Metallic core. The songs rip along at a aggressive pace and leave you struggling to keep up with their urgency and sense of life.

The music is very well written and the songs have a great sense of dynamics and raging melodics. The tuneful brutality and fast angry passages show an intuitive understanding of what makes a great song. The riffs are as impressive as the overall compositions are.

This is not merely an album but a collection of individual songs that raise the bar for any other band playing any vaguely similar style of music.

The vocals are mainly screamed but still largely legible and are the crowning achievement of a band that has already poured a lot of effort into the music. They are highly emotive and work very well with the music to complete Enabler’s snarly, rabid vision of musical heaviness.

The ultimate fate of any band playing in this genre is to be compared to the legendary Converge. The highest praise I can think of is to say that I can quite happily play Enabler alongside the masters and they more than hold their own.

This is a stunning release that the band should be very proud of. It’s sadly quite rare these days that a band produce an album where every song has its own identity and purpose within the a wider whole-album context. This is an achievement to be studied and poured over by lesser bands for years to come.

A strong contender for album of the year in my book.

5 thoughts on “Enabler – La Fin Absolue Du Monde (Review)

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