Chiral – Winter Eternal (Review)

ChiralThis is the first demo release from Chiral, from Italy.

For a demo the sound is better than you might expect.

The music is melodic and frozen Black Metal with utterly dark, deep, guttural Death Metal utterances bubbling just undeneath. Occasional screams break the surface and leave ripples of discontent where they appear.

Old-School Swedish Black/Death Metal influences can be heard, but these are not plagiarised, merely used for passionate inspiration.

The demo cover reinforces the cold nature of the music, with the shrouded sun promising a brief hint of hope amongst a forlorn scene, characterised in the songs by the melodic riffs vying for position with the darker, icy aura.

Three tracks, 10 minutes in length. Very enjoyable for the short time it’s with us. I look forward to seeing what comes next from Chiral.

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