Fisthammer – Infallible (Review)

FisthammerThis is the second album from US group Fisthammer, who must surely have one of the best names ever.

Fisthammer deliver us Death Metal with a lot of different influences at play throughout the 10 tracks on this album.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a Blackened influence on some of the riffs; sometimes they play something from the Technical Death Metal genre; sometimes they have a Progressive tendency; sometimes an Old-School vibe creeps into proceedings; sometimes a melodic section uplifts and inspires; sometimes a furiously modern breakdown/riff rears its head; sometimes an acoustic/softer passage relaxes things…I could go on but suffice to say Fisthammer are no one-trick pony.

All of these diverse elements are woven around a thoroughly brutal Death Metal core and swathed in a filthy yet powerful production and drenched in unholy blasphemy. Such a range of ideas and quirks could lead to a lesser band sounding a bit sloppy or unnatural, but Fisthammer give a coherent performance throughout and consistently deliver exceptional songs.

And exceptional songs they are – there are simply so many highlights it’s just silly. It’s hard to identify a favourite, although at this precise moment, (and it changes quite frequently), I favour Automation of Flesh as it’s just got an absolutely amazing riff in it. Listen to it. You’ll know the one I’m talking about.

Calling your album Infallible is a risk in some ways, as it opens up the band to easy attack had they released something sub-par. However, as they have released what will probably be referred to as a Death Metal classic in years to come, it instead gives people like me an easy way to compliment the band. Yes; this album is Infallible in both name and nature.

Overall this is inventive, interesting and basically incredible.

Get. This. Now.

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