Beehoover – The Devil And His Footmen (Review)

BeehooverBeehoover are from Germany and are a drum/bass combo specialising in a peculiar brand of Stoner Doom.

The drumming is unrestrained and energetic, while the bass is inventive and fiddly. Their music sometimes reminds me of a stripped down Tool toying with technical Stoner riffs. Complicated and simple at the same time.

The vocals are quite unusual sounding; free-form and loose and very individual; although slightly reminiscent of Mike Patton in style if not in sound. The vocals infect the complex musicianship like an afterthought that has nonetheless grown in the spaces between the notes and developed into an undeniable part of the intricate structure of the songs.

Beehoover manage to fit a lot of stuff into songs that, in the hands of other bands, might be 15 minute epics; in Beehoover’s hands though they typically last about 4-6 minutes are certainly don’t suffer due to this fat-trimming.

This is an uncommon band who provide an uncommon listening experience; they are all the better for it.

If you fancy something unusual and interesting this could be for you.

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