Exhumation – Hymn to Your God (Review)

ExhumationExhumation are an Indonesian Death Metal band who are just releasing their 2012 album Hymn to Your God worldwide.

This is the kind of Death Metal that won’t settle for being primitive but is not interested in scaling the technical heights; what we have here is intelligent compositions that are well-thought out assaults on the senses.

Mixing base elements of Vader, Behemoth and Morbid Angel, Exhumation have crafted an album that is melodic, brutal and well-placed to cater to Death Metal fans who want something a bit more then just sheer heaviness or chaotic mayhem in their music.

They proffer us 7 tracks, (6 original, 1 Blasphemy cover), across 29 minutes and we eagerly accept their dark boon.

The music is tight and proficient overall. The guitars are flawlessly played, and there are some meaty solos to get your teeth into. The drums are positively inhuman and relentless in their battery. Vocally the grunts that issue forth are not as deep as many Death Metal bands but more in keeping with the Behemoth/Vader variety.

A class album that deserves plenty of attention now it’s available everywhere. Do yourself a favour and get in on the action.

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