Von – Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Review)

VonVeteran US Black Metal band Von return with their new full length album.

The darkness opens with a rumbling, brooding menace and sustains this feeling of malevolence and tension throughout the entire album.

Von ratchet up the pressure using their moody approach to atmosphere well; even when they put their foot on the accelerator the taut environment just keeps getting tighter.

These 9 tracks are Von’s attempt to create a bleak, disheartening experience for the listener; to take them on a Blackened trip to regions uncharted. The songs transport and transform, and once experienced no-one is the same again.

The vocals are Hellish emanations straight from the blackest abyss. Less singing and more arcane belchings of pure misanthropy.

Von have unleashed 54 minutes of darkened art, concentrating on twisted melodies and demonic auras to spread their uncompromising gospel. It won’t be to everyone’s taste of course but what art ever is?

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