Dementia Senex – Heartworm (Review)

Dementia SenexDementia Senex are from Italy and play complex Death Metal with elements of Doom and Sludge mixed in.

Heartworm comes from a dense, murky place where atmosphere and mood are just as important as heaviness and brutality.

The band themselves state their sound as a cross between Gorguts and Cult of Luna, and I’d agree that this is a fair assessment. They combine intricate riffing and complex blasting with wall-of-sound atmospherics and pacing.

The vocals are mainly halfway between a shout and a growl, while third track Heartworm mixes this up a bit with the vocalist trying a few different styles.

This EP only has 3 songs but there is 17 minutes of music here, and quality music too. I also love the EP cover.

I am genuinely excited to hear a full-length from them eventually. The phrase “one to watch” was invented for bands like this.

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