Chaos – Violent Redemption (Review)

ChaosA ripping Thrash Metal début from India.


Oops. Sorry. Excuse me; got all carried away then.


There we go again…

Apparently this record was almost a decade in the making. I would say it has been time well spent as this is a quality album by a band who are paying homage to the best of the genre and simultaneously paving the way for the future.

This is breakneck Thrash forged in the fires of Slayer and given teeth with a production that lets the talent of the band shine bright.

The songs are mainly short, mostly not even breaking the three minute mark; but who needs longer songs when you can go Metal Thrashing Mad in half the time it takes other bands to get up to speed? And did I mention they have solos? I think I did.

The singer comes across as the bastard love child of Tom Araya and Mille Petrozza, (if you can imagine such a thing), and he does both of his spiritual fathers justice. A voice like nails on a blackboard.

An appropriate soundtrack to accompany you into the pit.

2 thoughts on “Chaos – Violent Redemption (Review)”

  1. This is indeed a violent attempt, but the drumming (production maybe) and horribly repetitive guitar work (sometimes there is more Pantera in it, than a real Thrash 🙂 bring a headache and nausea on me. More lows than highs me.

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