No Trust – Unfound (Review)

No TrustUS band No Trust play aggressive Metal with plenty of bite and solidity.

Although the band are a duo they sound a lot fuller and more complete than many five-pieces. They have a huge, strong sound that makes the guitars feel like they’re right next to you, and the singer’s throaty roar is intense and immediate. I really like the vocals actually; very well done and extreme-but-emphatic at the same time.

There is no bass on this album, just guitar, drums and vocals. You almost wouldn’t know though, as the guitars have the kind of tone that seems to imply bass where there actually is none. While they may be limited with their range of instrumentation they make the most of it and are avid worshippers of The Riff; there is an abundance of Sludge-esque riffs in these songs, all wrapped up in a clean sound and plenty of Metal.

When the band lock into a powerful groove they are nigh unstoppable, such as the main riff to Bottom Feeder. Sounding almost like a cross between Dopethrone and Chimaira, this album takes elements of Sludge and gives it a hard Metallic sheen.

48 minutes of music to destroy speakers with. Check them out.

2 thoughts on “No Trust – Unfound (Review)”

  1. YEZZIR, these guys had me nodding my head the whole time, so easy to get into their kick-ass riffs. hope these guys make it big.

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