Upyr – Altars/Tunnels (Review)

UpyrThis is the first release from Bulgarian band Upyr.

They play Blackened Doom and do this extremely well. The first track Before the Altars of Necrotic Karma starts with towering slow riffing and alternates this with a more mid-paced attack that evokes murky landscapes and a blackness to get lost in.

Vocals alternate between high shrieks a la Black Metal, and deeper growling and vocalisations. These are quality vocals as the deeper ones sound really menacing and the shrieks, (the predominant style), are savage and as sharp as black ice. Neurosis-style clean vocals are also used sparingly and contribute to the grim whole.

I really like the mood that these songs set for the listener. Although it may describe a bleak and inhospitable environment for the average person, for the connoisseur this is the sweetest of delicacies. The combination of monolithic Doom guitars with a scything Black Metal sheen to them is a dark pleasure to savour.

Taking the blueprint of Doom and infecting it with the corrupting influence of Black Metal is yielding great results for bands like Usnea and Battle Path; now we have another name to add to this glowing list of honors – Upyr.

A top quality first release and may there be many more in the future.

5 thoughts on “Upyr – Altars/Tunnels (Review)”

  1. I am in a daze still. Seriously. This is so hecking primal evil in some parts! They sound so unbelievably authentic and professional… I am not a fan of any kind of hymns, except Battle Hymns ;), so the only problem I have with this material is “Hymn to Pan”. Don’t like it. But the rest is worth attention big time.

    Never heard of any band from Bulgaria until now, which is indeed sad, but I am thankful you helped me to catch up.

    Maybe you can interview them someday?

    1. Believe it or not this is only a demo! The track breakdown –
      1.Altars of Necrotic Karma
      2. Into the Tunnels of My Sleep
      (Both recorded live at Loud-Fi studio and mixed at Gate 32 studio)
      3.Hymn to Pan (home studio recorded)
      4. Welcome to the Ritual (on tape only, early rehearsal jam)

      Top stuff though. A good idea about the interview – I’ll see if they’re interested 🙂

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